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Johnny Walker Guitars
Case Options

     Your new Johnny Walker Guitar is as much a professional concert quality instrument as it is a work of art. It is truly a one-of-a-kind. Your case provides a barrier from the cruel world beyond. It protects your instrument while you are not playing it, and in all reality, it will spend more time in its case than it will in your arms. I know, sad but true. 
     If it will fit into your budget, I recommend purchasing a high quality case.  However, if your budget will not allow, I recommend a molded plywood case, such as an TKL or Humicase Protege.  If you already have a case, or  you would like a different case, that's ok too. Just be sure the case provides a good fit, not too tight or too loose.   I will purchase the case of your choice and provide it to you at my cost. Your guitar will be shipped in its case unless otherwise specified by you.

     To learn more about TKL cases, go to

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