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Johnny Walker Guitars
Concert Flamenco Model 

 Design and Construction 

     This model has a brilliant, loud, vibrant, boisterous, punchy sound that is desired for flamenco playing so it can be heard above the footwork, singing and crowd noise.   However, it is not the sweet harmonic rich sound of the classical.  It is furnished with your choice of slotted head with mechanical tuners or tuning pegs.  The action is low and fast with golpeadors to protect the top from fingernails.  These guitars are lightly braced, lightweight and fragile so care must be taken in their handling.   Flamenco guitars are fun and interesting to play, especially if you can master some of the techniques such as rasqueado, golpe, and tremolo.
     Flamenco guitars are traditionally built from Spanish cypress for the back and sides, but this wood is rare in Spain so most of it comes from Italy.   Fortunately we have a good substitute here in North America in Monterey cypress that grows on the west coast.   This wood is a close cousin to Spanish cypress and is only distinguishable to the trained eye.  The traditional top is European  spruce and fortunately we have a substitute in Engelmann spruce and other spruces available here in North America from a number of locations.  The bridge was traditionally made from rosewood with an ebony fretboard and ivory for the  nut and saddle but now bone is used.  This model is available as a cutaway
     Also, many other woods can be used for the back and sides such as maple, Alaskan yellow cedar, myrtle and even E.I. rosewood or black walnut.  The spruce  top may be replaced  with western red cedar, redwood, or Port Orford cedar.

     The top and back guitar edges are bound with E.I. rosewood with purfling used on the top only along with a rosette to complement the top wood.  The neck is usually Spanish cedar but Honduras mahogany is an option and the neck is reinforced with an carbon fiber/epoxy bar for long term stability.
     The negra sound is between the classical and the blanco flamenco.  It has a slightly sweeter sound than the blanco with less of the dry rasp typical of the blanco.  The negra and blanco are braced and built with the same thickness of materials but the negra uses E.I. rosewood or other hardwood for the back and sides instead of cypress.  The negra is also loud, percussive and very responsive to flamenco techniques especially noveau flamenco but also capable of playing classical pieces.
     The flamenco action is fast and low generally with some buzzing. 

 Here is youtube link to David Norton playing his Walker flamenco blanca:

Many thanks to David.

The base cost of the standard flamenco model is $3,000.

Materials and Specifications

       Your flamenco guitar is built especially for you.  It's your choice of materials and design.  I make suggestions, answer questions  and put it together with TLC.  The following materials are not all that are available and some options cost extra.


            Item                      Standard                           Options                    

Back & sides       Monterey cypress(blanca)   E. I. rosewood(negra)

Top                          Engelmann spruce            Euro. Spruce

Cutaway                             no                                        yes

Binding                     E.I. rosewood                                   

Top purfling              black and white maple           

Side & back purfling       yes                                             yes

Neck                        Spanish cedar                          mahogany

Rosette                     your choice from list                   

Bridge                       E.I. rosewood                              

Fretboard                     ebony                                  rosewood                                                                                                      

Head plate               rosewood                              

Nut and saddle               bone                                                 

Finish                         French polish                                        

Strung weight                   3.0 lbs.                                            

Scale                                650 MM                       640, 655, 660 MM

20, 21 frets                          no                                           yes

Tuners                             Gotoh                      premium Gotoh

Pegs                                     no                                            yes

Geared pegs                        no                                            yes

                                    Flamenco Negra 
(E. I. rosewood and spruce)

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