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Johnny Walker Guitars
Grand Concert Model 

Design and Construction

     This exquisite guitar is the culmination of all my years of experience and study in luthiering with its fine detail work, use of only the finest woods, with excellent tonal projection and harmonic rich full tone with lots of sustain and volume. 

     It features the finest select rosewoods I can find, usually cocobolo for the back, sides, and head plate.  I have found that cocobolo is a terrific wood for guitars due to its hardness, acoustic response, beauty, availability and workability.  I can provide you with samples of this wood for you to chose your back and sides from the many I keep on hand.  Many other woods are available for backs and sides, such as blackwood or several other rosewoods.

     I use fan bracing and reinforcement techniques that are best for high quality tone production and projection.  I use mahogany for necks; this wood is very stable, nicely grained  and has low acoustic dampening characteristics that make it ideal for guitar neck applications.  The  necks are reinforced with a carbon fiber-epoxy bar for stiffness and are shaped and dimensioned to meet the desires of the customer.  The head plate is book matched cocobolo with supporting veneers to set it off.

     The fretboard is finest ebony in your choice of scale length. The usual scale length is 650MM.  The top is finest grade Euro. spruce,  Engelmann spruce  or western red cedar with a finely made mosaic inlaid rosette.  The bridge is rosewood and the 12 hole tie block design that allows a greater string break angle over the saddle or you can tie off the strings using six holes if you prefer.  The bridge tie block is fully bound in bone and veneers or bound in bone sometimes with a mosaic inlay to compliment the rosette.  The guitar is fully intoned at the saddle and nut.  The dark cocobolo binding is splice joined  to eliminate  butt joints that can open up with time and changes in humidity.  The side and back purfling is mitered jointed and selected to compliment the back and sides and top.  The top is hand graduated and specially braced and tuned for optimum quality tone production and volume.

     The finish is a special grade of French polish that I formulated and make based on a historic formula and my chemistry background.   This is the finest finish for guitars for both beauty and tonal quality.  It takes several weeks to apply this finish.  The standard tuners are Gotoh premium, but others are available as options, such as: Alessi.

     I build this one as a cutaway also as well as other options.  This is the guitar of a lifetime and you will not be disappointed.  Some options are extra cost, such as the cutaway feature for an additional $350.  Amplification is also an option.

The base cost of the Grand Concert Model is $4,200. 

johnny walker guitars
Bartlesville, OK  74006
cell: 1 918 327 4369