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Johnny Walker Guitars

Ordering a Guitar

     Because most of my guitars are custom built to suit customer needs and desires there is generally a waiting period for a Concert Model and Flamenco Model.   However, I usually reserve some time for building guitars for friends, family and myself.  If you are in a big hurry to get your guitar, time permitting, I may be able to finish it sooner.  


The Standard Flamenco Model is ..........$2,800 USD base price.

The Standard Concert Model is..............$2,800 USD base price.

The Grand Concert Model is ..................$4,200 USD base price.


     The guitar workmanship is warranted to the original owner as long as I am
an active luthier; however, no warranty coverage is given in cases of neglect
or abuse, e.g., exposing to low or high humidity or temperature extremes. 
I am the sole judge of what constitutes coverage under this warranty.
Registration of guitar with me or proof of purchase is required for warranty coverage.

Payment Options

     Yes, I do expect to get paid for my efforts and expertise; however the easy payment plan can make owning a Johnny Walker guitar a little easier.
     The payment plan works like this:  Once you and I working together decide on what I will build to fit your needs and desires I will email you a quote detailing the guitar and the cost.  A small 
down payment is required to place your order for a guitar.  You may pay for the guitar as you like and I will complete your guitar as you pay for it, or you can pay when the guitar is complete and ready to ship.  When construction is complete and the guitar paid for in full, I will ship it to you. If you change your mind along the way, I will refund your payments, and I keep the guitar.

    You can also pay by credit card via Paypal, money order, cashier's check, or personal check.

     If you request, I will keep you informed of the progress of your guitar, via email, including pictures as attachments.

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